Here, at Foam2Home, we are more than happy to answer all of your questions, we have included some of the most Frequently Asked Questions below, but please email hello@foam2home.ie if your question isn’t answered below.

How Long Will It Take For My Order To Arrive?

Orders placed between Monday – Friday before 11:30 AM are generally dispatched and delivered within 3-5 days. For further information visit our shipping page.

Where are our products manufactured?

All our polyester products are manufactured in Ireland to the highest standards using the best quality Irish produced polyester fibres.

Foam 2 Home convert Foam from the UK’s and Irelands leading producers of PU Foam. Our foams meet the highest manufacturing standards and meet all UK and Ireland Fire safety regulations.

What is Stockinette?

Stockinette is often fitted to foam to help prevent wear to your cushion covers. Stockinette will allow you to fit your foam with greater ease. Stockinette is knitted, stretchy cotton mix fabric, that provides a barrier between foam and the underside of your fabric to help prevent wear and will considerably ease fitting. Stockinette can be fitted to any length of foam however it has a maximum stretched width of 100cm.

What is Dacron/Polyester wrap?

Dacron is a spun polyester fibre. In sheet form it is added to your foam order to provide extra body to a cushion. We will add stockinette free of charge to orders requiring Dacron as this will help prevent the Dacron catching of the cushion zip during fitting.

How much Dacron should I use?

We offer two weights of Dacron, 6oz and 12oz, which are available to add to your order when entering sizes. The general rule of thumb is that in our experience, measure the border width of your cover (assuming a box style cushion), match the thickness for the foam to the boarder of the cover, then add 12oz Dacron. This will provide you with a well fitted cushion cover.

Do you Recycle?

Yes!!. All of our off cut foam and polyester is recycled or repurposed.

How do I order Foam Cut-To-Size?

You can order here or follow our how to guide here.

Can you explain what cut-to-size foam is?

This is foam that is cut to the customer’s individual requirements. It will be guaranteed to be square cut and have clean edges.

How do I measure my cushions?

If possible it is always best to measure sizes from your existing covers, measuring old foam is not always accurate as foam can become misshaped over time. Measure your covers from corner to corner, along the seams, pulling the cover taught to ensure you get a good fit. It is always best to measure both front and back of each cover as some cushions can vary in width front to back. Again when measuring the depth of a cushion, it should be done seam to seam.If you have a piped edge cover, measure between the piping. You should order foam to the size of the cover boarder width and then add Dacron and stockinette to get the best fit for your cushion. You should never measure across the middle of a cushion as it may have a domed top which will affect your overall measurements. Please select the appropriate product shape from our list and enter your dimensions as per the measuring process above.

Where do I send my foam custom template to?

Foam 2 Home

City Business Park,

The Cutts,



BT17 9GX

What is the smallest size of foam that you can cut?

Why does my foam vary in colour?

It is normal for foam to have a slight variance in colour, it is just part of the manufacturing process. This will have no effect on the quality of the product.

Is there a minimum order size?

Although we aim to meet all our customer’s needs. For very small cut-to-size pieces it often requires more production work to cut sheets into very thin pieces. Therefore, we require customers to spend a minimum of £10 or alternatively purchase a piece with a minimum thickness of 1 inch.